standard-title Hand & Upper Extremities

Hand & Upper Extremities

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release:

This procedure helps restore comfort and function to patients experiencing weakness, numbness and tingling of the hands and fingers. When appropriate, the endoscopic technique can be performed with less pain and a smaller, more cosmetic incision, allowing for faster healing.

Wrist Arthroscopy:

One of Southern California’s leaders in wrist arthroscopy, Dr. Rose employs this state-of-the-art technique for less invasive treatment of such common conditions as carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts, wrist instability and thumb basal joint arthritis. Arthroscopy often yields shorter recovery times than more invasive open procedures.

Total Elbow Replacement:

Dr. Rose is a pioneer in the field of total elbow replacement and is one of Southern California’s referral leaders for this procedure. He performed Hoag Hospital’s first elbow replacement, he has delivered national presentations on this surgery and he teaches the technique to orthopaedic residents at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Other Surgical Procedures:

To help improve his patients’ quality of life, Dr. Rose routinely performs many other procedures, including tendon and ligament repair, rotator cuff repair and decompression, tennis and golfer’s elbow release, complex upper extremity reconstruction, fracture repair and reconstruction, nerve repair/decompression and microvascular surgery.

Dr. Rose trained with world-renowned hand surgeon Dr. David Green, the doctor who literally wrote the book on hand surgery. As a recognized expert in the treatment of hand and wrist problems, Dr. Rose specializes in the management of arthritic, traumatic, occupational and congenital disorders of the hand. wrist pain