California Orthopaedic Specialists

At California Orthopaedic Specialists we realize that the public, more so than ever before, has physician choice. We do not want to be the practice you have to go to, we want to be the practice you want to go to! Clearly this approach is one that works for our patients. We believe in putting our patients first. Through its team approach to reach a common goal, the California Orthopaedic Specialists are more than able to provide a level of unmatched service in caring for all of your orthopaedic needs.

Meet our Orthopaedic Surgeons

Our five orthopaedic surgeons, Ralph J. Venuto, M. D., Michael P. Weinstein, M. D., Scott K. Forman, M. D., Nicholas E. Rose, M. D. and Stephen A. Mikulak, M. D., are all Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons and comprise a full service practice here in Newport Beach, California.